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Taking care of every detail, every day.

Making a smooth transition from development and construction ...to property management...is another one of The D&F Group’s strengths. We make the transition seamless for our clients, coordinating everything, and attending to all the details. Besides assisting clients in making a successful transition to the management phase, we can also assume management responsibility for projects that are not in our development and construction portfolio. We’ll take over management of such projects as they are being developed or constructed, or, at any time after.

Among the property management expertise and services we provide are:

  • State-of-the-art technological systems for efficient, high- productivity daily automation of management procedures and functions.
  • Implementation of budgetary processes and strategies for adhering to them.
  • Comprehensive understanding of property management accounting, including preparing and maintaining financial statements and ledgers as well as monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.
  • Ability to manage distressed and/or high profile properties that present unique challenges; many banks and courts have relied on our expertise to turn these troubled entities around and transform them into well-functioning properties.
  • Complete knowledge of compliance programs for all subsidized housing programs, including HUD, Section 8, and Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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